AfriForum launches annual history tour for young people

AfriForum Youth launched a yearly history tour for young people, where chosen leaders from across the country were given the opportunity to visit museums, heritage areas and battlegrounds which are relevant to Afrikaner history.

‘Twenty-six young leaders were chosen from the University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch University, North-West University and the University of the Free State. Our experience is that young people are increasingly not taking up their identity proactively because they do not know their history. Large parts of the Afrikaners’ history were written out of the current school syllabus and we must take responsibility for ensuring a future where we and our children can be proud of our Afrikanerdom,’ Danie Ungerer, spokesperson of AfriForum Youth, said.

In the course of the tour, sites are visited such as the: Voortrekker Monument, Jan Smuts house, Kruger house, battle of Vegkop, battle of Majuba, heritage area of Piet Retief,  Kaalvoetvrou Monument, Women’s Monument, national museum and the battle of Magersfontein. The tour also makes a pit stop in Orania.

‘Today the Afrikaner builds monuments by creating institutions; as youth we also want to build a monument by including as many young people as possible in such a tour. While the current government holds the history of minorities in contempt and tells one-sided versions of them, AfriForum Youth will continue to create educational monuments which the ANC cannot take away,’ Ungerer said.

The tour group has already paid a visit to a white squatter camp in Krugersdorp where they started a library at the local nursery school. The tour ends on 4 December and started on 25 November. Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 will again have the opportunity to apply to join the tour next year. AfriForum Youth plans to make the tour an annualevent.

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