AfriForum Youth to assist matriculants with outstanding results

AfriForum Youth invited matriculants, who have not received their results by today, to report it to AfriForum. Over the past four years, AfriForum Youth has had considerable success by liaising directly with the Department of Basic Education and by resolving such issues in a collective way.

In the past, complaints related to matriculants receiving incomplete results as well as results that do not reflect their actual achievements.

Charl Oberholzer, AfriForum Youth’s national chairman, said that AfriForum Youth was ready to assist matriculants with any complaints, ensuring that their rights are not violated. ‘Any maladministration on the part of the department could easily ruin learners’ chances to obtain bursaries, commence tertiary studies and could hamper their employment opportunities.’

According to Oberholzer, matriculants who have not obtained university exemption should still attempt to obtain post-school qualifications. ‘An investment in post-school training surely must be the investment that offers the best return,’ Oberholzer said.

Matriculants who are experiencing problems with the issuing of their results can send an e-mail to

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