Overdue matric results obtained

AfriForum Youth received the overdue matric results of learners from the Department of Basic Education, just before a court order would have been brought against the Department regarding this issue.

“About 14 learners had received their results and can now embark on their plans for the future,” Charl Oberholzer, National Chairperson of AfriForum Youth, said.

AfriForum Youth had sent letter of demand to the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga on 21 January, and to the MECs of Education in the relevant provinces regarding matric results that had still not been released. After AfriForum Youth had threatened to bring a court application on behalf of the relevant learners, the Department yesterday released a detailed report on every learner’s situation as well as their results to the attorneys for AfriForum Youth.

Oberholzer said there were cases where schools or institutions did not submit all marks to the Department, or where learners were not on the Department’s system and had therefor been referred to Umalusi, but that all cases with which the Department could have assisted, have been resolved.

“We are very happy to have assisted learners. The biggest challenge, however, is to stop the same problem from occurring year after year. We will keep in contact with the Department of Basic Education in this regard,” Oberholzer said.

AfriForum Youth will continue to investigate all new complaints regarding matric results and will contact the Department on learners’ behalf.

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