SMS campaign launched against Varsity Cup entrance fees

AfriForum Youth has submitted complaints at the University of Pretoria (UP) and the two main sponsors of the FNB Varsity Cup rugby series, namely First National Bank (FNB) and Steinhoff International, regarding outrageous entrance fees for university rugby matches. AfriForum Youth has also launched a SMS campaign, giving students the platform to show their support for free entrance to rugby matches by sending the word “Rugby” to 31488. For every SMS sent, an anonymous complaint will be sent to the student dean, Dr. Matete Madiba.

 “At the previous match on 11 February, hundreds of Tuks students traded their seats on the pavilion for a seat at a bar television. The UP is not supposed to make money of students’ loyalty towards the sport,” Barend Taute, Chairperson of AfriForum Youth Tuks said.

Taute is of the opinion that R50 is too expensive for students, especially compared to the price of tickets to a Currie Cup rugby match, and that students are not supposed to pay to support their own university. “Thousands of students were last year swept away by the spirit of the Varsity Cup, but support at the previous match was disappointing,” Taute said.

AfriForum Youth, in the letter, requests an explanation from the UP for the sudden levy and advised FNB and Steinhoff to step in to prevent the poor student support at rugby matches from harming the tournament.

According to Taute, students want something to be proud about and rugby offers this opportunity to all students. “To charge students up to R50 per ticket will only dampen the spirit of Tuks supporters,” Taute concluded.

Students can stay abreast of developments surrounding the campaign by following AfriForum Youth on Twitter and Facebook.

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