Tuks wear prison uniforms in protest against racial discrimination

A deputation of AfriForum Youth Tuks, wearing black and white prison uniforms, today handed a memorandum to Prof. Nick Grové, the Registrar of the University of Pretoria (UP), in protest against race classification which makes students feel like prisoners at their own university. The presentation of the memorandum has also marked the launch of a referendum in which students make their voices heard by voting to indicate if race classification should still apply at UP.

In addition, it is requested that race classification as it applies to the granting of bursaries, house committee elections and admittances to certain faculties be scrapped.

‘As young people we feel like prisoners caught up in a prison of political correctness. Race classification is turning Tuks into a prison and in this memorandum students ask that the prison bars be dropped and that students be freed from what has become the political playing field of the ruling party,’ said Barend Taute, chairperson of AfriForum Youth Tuks.

‘Students at UP are constantly caught up in the fight of racial classification and -discrimination. This year the UP took in its first group of first year students who were born in 1994, but they are still classified according to race and not merit. By denying students to qualify according to merit, South Africa is starving its own future of leaders and academic excelling students,’ said Taute.

AfriForum Youth Tuks is requesting that the UP management remove all forms of racial discrimination from Tuks-students.

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