AfriForum Youth is a student organisation. Membership of AfriForum Youth is free and anyone who agrees with AfriForum Youth’s policy may join the organisation. Young working people again are encouraged to join AfriForum.

AfriForum Youth drives campaigns to create awareness of their rights among the school going youth and to promote quality education.

AfriForum Youth has student branches at various universities and some colleges for agriculture throughout South Africa. As a young working person, you can also join one of AfriForum’s more than 50 local branches to drive youth affairs.

Why become involved?

  • You have to accept responsibility for your own generation;
  • AfriForum Youth is the fastest growing youth organisation in South Africa!
  • By being involved in a positive organisation, which serves as a hotbed for leadership, you are developing yourself;
  • It offers the opportunity to regularly attend social occasions, discussions and training sessions. Be part of proactive actions and campaigns about matters which determine your future.

What does membership mean?

  1. Your information is included in our database;
  2. You receive newsletters;
  3. You can become actively involved in the activities of AfriForum Youth;
  4. You are invited to participate in actions and projects which take place in your area;
  5. If you are interested and make yourself available, you can serve in a leadership position;
  6. If you are interested and make yourself available, you can serve on a campaign committee.

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